What we envision

More than a campsite

The decision to take over this campsite is the result of a dream we collectively shared for years: to create a location where we can live, work and organize events together. Here, in Saarland, we found a spot that could facilitate all our wishes and make them reality.

This place grants us the peace and quiet we dreamed of living in: a remote area bordering a forest, with a phenomenal view.

The main building and surrounding grounds make it possible to not only host people to celebrate their holidays amidst nature, but also to organize events, activities and projects that benefit mankind, nature and/or society.

In short: the possibilities here are countless!
Below, you will find some examples of our envisioned goals. Some have been realized, some will be attained in the near future.

Of course, we are open for new ideas, practical help and any other form of contribution. Please use this form to contact us!

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