Girtenmühle 1Losheim-Britten66679Deutschland
12per night

Thank you for being interested in our campsite!

It’s a unique location, without fixed booths and is very peaceful. In fact, the only sound you’ll probably hear is produced by a small creek running along the edge of the campsite. We’re improving the scenery with a lot of energy, enthousiasm and creativity to make it even more magical. There are many trees and the spots on the campsite are unmarked, you may choose the best spot yourself!

We do not have seasonal or yearly contracts!

There are some locations which are suited for small campers. If you would like to bring your camper, please ask one of our team to find a beautiful spot together.

We love nature, which is why this is a car-free campsite. (Loading and unloading is allowed.)

Dogs are allowed.

You’re probably also interested in our prices!

Team Girtenmühle isn’t very fond of complexity, so we simplified our list for you.


Price per night
Adults € 12,00
Children (age <12) € 5,00
Little ones (age <5) Free
Electricity € 2,00
Dog (on a leash) € 1,50
SVR, Minicampingcard
(2 Adults with electricity)
€ 19,00 (Not during main season: June, July, August)