February turned out to be a special month for team Girtenmühle. This month was focussed on attending a total of six different holiday fairs where our boys made a lot of new friends with their unique stand. Friendly visitors, old acquaintances and experienced campsite owners shared an interest in this new chapter of their special story.

“We’ll definitely stop by sometime!”

The enthusiastic couple reached for one of the business cards while holding one of the brochures before making room for the next prying eyes willing to see the handmade stand up close.

“Wow, I love the smell of fresh wood here.”

A small group stood still whilst listening to the jazzy tunes in front of the stand of LandGut Girtenmühle. After a minute the movie ended and they had a clearer image on how the boys had built their own bar in the first months of being the new owners of the campsite. What will be their next project?

Thousands of visitors have shared a moment of their time at the section of LandGut Girtenmühle and the boys have listed their favourite quotes for you:

“This one will enter the archive.”

“Have you made a rip in the brochure already?” “Yes of course!”

“Look, this one goes in the left bag.”

“Oh this one will get a plus on it, no wait…. Two plusses!”

“I’d like to take this brochure, is that okay? I think the boys will like it.”
– yes of course! How old are they?
“Oh, they are well over forty!”

The last holiday fair of 2017 has ended and the team proudly looks back on several very successful days and would love to thank everyone for their loving words and counsel! And to our friends from the stand of Brabant, thanks for the coffee!

LandGut Girtenmühle has focussed on promotional activities for a month now and we simply can’t wait to get back to work, building stuff and making it even more beautiful than it already is. We can honestly say we are looking forward to this coming season. As this will be the first year we will experience a complete season! Who will be our first guests of the year? Come on over and enjoy our lovely campsite and become an addition to our ever-developing adventure.

20-02-2017, Vincent Rentenaar – LGGM News

Cosy Outside Patio

On our cosy outside patio, you can peacefully enjoy our organic drinks, juices and special Colombian coffee. A small bite to eat will be available soon!

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Our campingsite is located in a beautiful nature reserve, where you can find a nice spot for your tent or caravan or sleep in one of the romantic wine kegs.

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Currently, we’re working on our hotel. Soon, the rustically decorated rooms will serve as a perfect retreat for hikers and naturelovers. At this time there’s one room available on the ground floor of the hotel.
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Scenic Routes

Surrounded by the most beautiful part of Saarland, our campsite will be the starting point to explore the numerous hiking routes through impressive natural scenery.

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