The outdoor bar is ready for use!

Building our this bar was among the first things we’ve done after we bought the Girtenmühle. The construction was necessary to avoid long walks from the bar inside to the patio. This beautiful addition to the building also made the Girtenmühle feel more like home to us because now we’ve build part of it ourselves. We made this, together, so that the world may enjoy organic food and beverages whilst enjoing the view. At the moment, only our water is lacking an organic label! Come for a drink and see the beautiful campsite or the many horses that our next door neighbour keeps!

We want to upgrade this bar to bistro so we can serve food on our terras but it might take a while before we are ready for this. It will take a lot of work to make the proper preparations to do this thing right, which we will, in time.

For everyone interested in our prices and what we serve, please check out the menu card:


Coffee€ 1,80
Coffee ganz (Large)€ 2,50
Espresso€ 1,80
Double espresso€ 2,50
Cappucino (Soja)€ 2,50
Tea€ 2,00
Orange juice (0,25L)€ 2,00
Apple juice (0,25L)€ 2,00
Apfelschorle (0,5L)€ 2,50
Bionade (0,33L)€ 2,00
NOW (0,33L)€ 2,00
Sparkling water (0,33L)€1,00
Tap waterFree
Lammsbräu edelpils (0,33L)€1,80
Lammsbräu alkoholfrei (0,33L)€1,80
Lammsbräu glutenfrei (0,33L)€1,80
Lammsbräu Edel Hell (0,5L)€2,80
Lammsbräu Dunkle (0,5L)€2,80
Lammsbräu Weiße (0,5L)€2,80
Lammsbräu Dunkle Weiße (0,5L)€2,80
Lammsbräu Weiße alkoholfrei (0,5L)€2,80
Chardonnay (0,25L) €3,50
Pinot Grigio (0,25L) €4,30
Pecorino (0,25L) €5,40
Riesling (0,25L) €5,80
Cabernet (0,25L)€3,50
Cabernet-Sauvignon-Merlot (0,25L)€4,80
Rosé (0,25L)€4,80
Clouds Gin shot (0,02L)
Sailor Gin shot (0,02L)
Wodka shot (0,02L)
Sailor/Wodka mix small (0,25L)
Clouds Mix small (0,25L)
Sailor/Wodka mix small (0,35L)
Clouds Mix (0,35L)

Building this bar has been a lot of fun and we’d like to thank every volunteer for helping us complete this masterpiece. For all of you who’d like to know how we’ve build it… check out the following video, enjoy!

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