The outdoor bar offers quality products for a regular price. In short, we sell the highest quality natural and organic products that come from honest producers, who treat our planet hand its inhabitants with respect. We stimulate the discussion around organic products and doing business in an environmentally friendly manner. In addition to this, with the campsite and hotel, we’d like to offer a peaceful place riddled with inspiration, run by a team filled with enthousiasm and creativity.

One of our greatest goals is to become completely self sufficient. We’d like to inspire everyone to grow their own crops to support a healthy lifestyle and a better understanding of the world around us. Many plants are taken for granted, are edible or have healing capacities one simply might not know about. In addition to this we would like to start cooking with our own vegetables when the Bistro is opened. We’re going to collaborate with schools and other parties that want to learn about or support the growing of food.

Another important part is conducting business in a eco-friendly manner. Using the elements to your advantage by flushing your toilets with rainwater and try to minimalise your footprint on nature by seperating waste are examples of this way of thinking. We are glad to see there’s a shift in global consciousness regarding this matter. We dispise all companies that use “going green” as a marketing scheme whilst disregarding these standards during an other section in their production processes. We’d like to stimulate this green movement with our actions as a company because it is our duty, as humans, to make the right choice.

Last but certainly not least, we’d like to contribute to our community and help those in need. LandGut Girtenmühle will help you to relax mind and body whenever you’re stressed. We will provide you with useful information on interesting subjects trough one of the given lectures. We’d like to invite everyone to work on certain skills during one of the many workshops that will be hosted. We are planning to attract many profesionals to support these processes to enable us to provide the proper care .


Everybody has good intentions, nevertheless, life seems to be made very difficult for all of us to achieve our goals… Organic and naturally produced foods and beverages without poison should be available for everyone for a reasonable price!

Because, you are not alone! So many people feel stressed and are worked to the bone for a meager salary, forgetting to enjoy the life they’re given. There are so many flaws in the system we are all working so hard for to maintain. Sometimes it is better to be mindful, reflect on life as a whole and enjoy the little things. Let us rejoice, experience the riches of life, together.

We’d like to remind everyone that they are the market and do have the power to raise the bar on these subjects. Together we can have an effect on the industry as a whole, it all starts with your decision to choose the healthy option… here, at LandGut Girtenmühle.


Next steps:

Our journey will involve taking certain steps, important projects to be realised and meeting many beatiful people along the way. The following projects are on our mind and will be realised in the near future. Do you have a good idea or would you like to help us with one of these projects? Please click here and let us know by sending us a message!

Ecological Footprint


Training / Seminars

Veggie garden

Food Forest

Naturschutz upgrade


Alternative Building styles

Tree houses