The deciscion to buy this neglected campsite in Germany was fairly impulsive and taken quickly. By changing our lives quite radically, we got rid of the stress that city life brings with it, without going into social (or geographical) isolation.

The campsite, which generates a steady income in the summer with which we can reach our envisioned future, also secures our existence for the next 50+ years. This is however, not our primairy goal! Even though leisure is very important, we want to focus on activities and projects that serve a higher social purpose. Our emphasis will lie on the practical aspect of information, knowledge and wisdom.

Our first step will simply be to facilitate. However, we would be happy to help shape the content and arrange the peripherals. Other than morality, we do not have any demands concerning form or content.  We support each initiative that benefits humankind.


In a few years, we will finish our first phase, in which we will have reached our primairy goals: creating a fascinating venue for holidays, space for events and a place to live, powered by our own energy and foodsupply.

But then, we will really commence. The possibilities are countless and we’re open to everyone that wants to contribute to this cause.

Below, we’ve listed some of our primairy goals. Some have been reached, others can only be realised in a later phase. We’re really excited to receive help or other forms of external input to take this project to the next level.

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Ecological Footprint


Training / Seminars

Veggie garden

Food Forest

Naturschutz upgrade


Alternative Building styles

Tree houses