Loud noises, a layer of white dust in the
recently stripped hallway, 
huge sparks and
trailers filled with debris…

LGGM is working hard for their next potty
break. What started off as a seemingly brutal attack on several crooked walls turned out the be one of the hardest tasks for the LGGM crew up to this day.

A new ceiling? New walls? New floor, too? If all walls including the floor are crooked… where does one start measuring? Needless to say, the boys have had their share of hardships and revelations during this yet to be finished project. After building the bar on the patio this seemed like the next logical step in their evolution to becoming masters of the Dauer Power Fix Method. The daily counselling from Sensei Wim proves to be a necessity for both parties. “350km of Autobahn can’t keep this team from getting together, and that will pay off in the end.”The sounds of the first powertools should wake any normal man at this time of day, but this team has already constructed yet another part of their nicely leveled wall. Some tasks can’t be done alone… three men can be seen carrying what seems to be the new roof of LGGM’s shitter to be and carefully manouver the monstrosity through the many ridges and junctions for your daily satisfaction of adding a perfect piece to a seemingly chaotic puzzle.

“Sand? We don’t have sand to mix it with..”

“Okay, stop, let’s call Wim and check some vids on Youtube before we continue!”

If there’s one thing the boys have learnt then it’s that they’re a team and together can overcome any rigid obstacle with careful consultation and a vast amount of determination. Bring it, future, we are ready for you!

By now we’ve completed this project!
Check out the following pictures to get an impression on how we did it: